Appreciate all!

I have been thinking a lot about the prodigal son narrative in the bible, perhaps more often relating to the older son. I have experienced some of his feelings in my own life.get all the credit, look at everything I do?  Why is ( —?) so popular and not me? Why do my friends like the others when they aren’t around when needed and I AM?  I believe that the older son and I  have been wallowing in our imagined neglect.  Poor me, poor me1  Has my ability to rejoice in another’s good fortune dried up?   Just because I am floundering in my own lack of confidence it should not determine my  lack of another’s good fortune.  I must begin to realize that I am not the center of the universe and that other people and their success should be celebrated.


Happy New Year

This is the start of the new year and once more we have the possibility of making resolutions to undertake again to become more worthwhile in all facets of our lives.  No matter what- try, try, try to transform yourself,  your heart and mind, forget yourself, give your ego a rest and remember that whenever you act as Jesus would;  loving, forgiving serving, you will become the person he wants you to be.  Not what the world tells you: “you are right,”  “you deserve the best,” ” let others take care of themselves,” “it’s their fault, they are so ….”  “I’m ok, you’re not!”   God wants us to follow him, be like him so that we will live with him for eternity.  No!  It’s not easy,  everyone knows that.  However, the end result is joy and peace forever.  Isn’t that what we strive for, and it is guaranteed by our Father and creator.


Why is it when we move toward prayer we/I worry about whether I am “doing” it right. Why do I get so distressed over my sins, thinking they are too numerous for God to hear me? Why do I sometimes think that I am so proud, unfaithful, doubting, and unforgiving that God could never forgive me?  WHY?  Because the devil puts those thoughts in my mind to keep me from God and to convince me to give up and take revenge.  The devil knows that if he can keep me in fear, he will win!  But, the holy spirit is with me to help me pray.  The spirit knows my deepest, darkest thoughts and still wants to bring me closer to God.  So, first and foremost I MUST remember to ask him to help me praise and thank God and to continue to uphold my pursuit to find and love God.  I will be rewarded a hundred times over!  I have been promised.


I have been thinking that to really see and feel the happiness and peace that I want,  I have to get rid of, eliminate the versions that are depicted on television, and in the movies.  Life is not a fantasy.  It is filled with problems, sickness, disappointments, and hurts.  It is always our choice to act,  not react to those occurrences that cause us pain.  Certainly, we all know that is not easy.  Nothing is easy, but: with prayer and God’s grace we will survive and begin to heal.  We can choose to smile, to listen to the words of loved ones and to speak our needs.  Happiness is like a cat it can’t be coaxed to come sit on your lap, but if you go and do something else;  the cat comes and begs to jump up on your lap.  Live as if everything depended on you and God and then don’t worry.


Don’t put off till tomorrow what can be done today!  This has always been my mantra. So guess what, I end up doing too many things and probably none very through or complete. Because of my”mantra”,  I am usually so busy and self-absorbed that I can’t hear God calling me, prompting me to think about him; and what I can accomplish for him.  I believe I have been put on this earth to act as his hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.  He wants EVERYONE to know that they are loved.  He is aware of all our weaknesses, fears, and concerns, and is still able to call us “his delight.”  He asks you and me to tell the world: we are his children and he wants our happiness and our future to be in his hands.


Virtue is easier to practice in public where people don’t know us that well.  Oh, we make grand gestures against poverty, oppression, we give to charities and give of our time to help someone in need. We are models of generosity, tolerance, patience and love in public:  and then fly off the handle at our loved ones at home for trivial offenses.  God is aware of our public and private characteristics and is so anxious for us to model his behavior;  he also knows and understands that we try and fail.  He is always present to us and waits for us to ask for his grace to become more like him. Our true character is not self-centered and evil so don’t get discouraged. We are made in his image and likeness.  His love is in us just waiting to become more visible to others.


Helen Keller was once quoted as saying.” When one door closes another one opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not notice the other one that has been opened for us.”

Life presents us with n assortment of doors and their blessings.  Some of them bring immediate joy, some invite tears, others foster fear!  All the doors, situations and experiences are meant for our good and bless us in some manner. It’s very easy to wish away our lives never finding satisfaction with or in our families, our jobs, our friends.  The more we find fault with life the more fault we are guaranteed to find.  Negative Attitudes attract negative experiences.



None of us can ever save him/her self.  We are the instruments of one another’s salvation: and only by the hope that we give to others can we lift ourselves out of the darkness into the light and open all doors.  If your heart is closed you will find nothing behind any door to light your way.  If your heart and mind are unlocked you will find others who like you are searching and together you will find the right way. Each door that we discover gives us a chance to meet Jesus.  Jesus is asking us to reveal to our families and the family of man his love and mercy and his endless and complete encouraging nature.  He has promised us he will give us whatever good we ask for.  He is so eager to help us and show us how to share the good news,  just ask him!  The door to a more peace-filled world awaits.  Open it!